My new book is "Destined To Serve"

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"Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories by Military Chaplains," Nancy B. Kennedy, author (I have a story in this book)

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Camp Indian Head

When I was a Drummer in Tampa, FL

The Creations, circa 1965 - I'm drumming


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The White House

of Land O Lakes, Florida

Home of a Retired Army Chaplain, a Retired Nurse, and two Miniature Pinschers

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My Sister Carrying the Olympic Torch 1996


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My Chaplain Life
My Law Enforcement Days
My Favorite Movies: The Alien Series
Pics of Alien outside restaurant Seoul, Korea
My 20th High School Reunion in 1986
Chamberlain High School Alumni Association, Tampa, FL"
Steve Garvey Article, Baseball Great - I'm quoted in it
Steve Garvey and his Dad

Steve Garvey's Big Stats

Steve Garvey in High School

The White's Visit to Battle Creek in 1998



Our Dogs


Our dogs are Miniature Pinschers.  Moxie is the red one born in 2000.  

Pepper is the black and tan one and was born in 1995.