Camp Pictures Provided by Fred White, Counselor
Tom White (my nephew and Fred's son) is 4th from left
Here I am (Barry) at the council fire ceremony playing the drums (1972)
Another picture of me playing the tom tom (1972)
(Circa 1963) Swimming lessons at the lake given by Joe Potts.  Fred White is lying in the water.  Bill Murphy is standing on the dock.  Joey Sprous in the middle is looking at the camera.  I believe he was the first camper signed up at CIH!
(Circa 1963) Joe Potts saving Fred White.  Richard Prince standing on left.  Bill Murphy standing on right.  Connie Charlton is 2nd from right (sitting).  Larry Siegall's sister is sitting 4th from left.  Larry was a counselor at CIH in later years, but I specifically know he was the Assistant Director the same summer when Lisa was at Camp, 1974.
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