Larry Segall and Matt Arthur (April 2003)

Pictures below taken in May 2003

CIH Road at State Road 54

CIH Road going towards CIH from Hwy 54

Where Potts' house was located

Looking to left of where house was at trampoline location

(back around tree line)

Looking toward trees where Nature Shack was located

and where barn and corral was also located

Looking behind new house towards lake

(area between barn and dock)

Looking behind new house towards lake

(the old dock would have been just to the right)

Going out looking where CIH gate was located

(Grandma Potts' house is seen straight ahead)

Going out looking at Grandma Potts' house

(just past gate)

Going out looking towards Hwy 54

(while in front of Grandma Potts' house)

Mid-Seventies CIH Brochure

Front & Back Cover

Brochure page 1 & 2

Brochure page 3 & 4

Brochure page 5 & 6

Brochure page 7 & 8

Brochure page 9 & 10

Brochure page 11 & 12

Brochure page 13 & 14

That's me holding my Taegu Lizard & my raccoon, Rocky!

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