A Chaplain's Life
Where I've Been and What I Did
from January 1988 - September 2010

(All dressed up and nowhere to go!)
(1994 - 25th Infantry Division (Light))

It has indeed been a blessing to serve the men and women of the military. I've been to Fort Hood, Texas; Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; Fort Knox,Kentucky; Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan; Ft. Rucker, Alabama; Yongsan, Seoul, Korea; Ft. Monroe, VA; and Ft. Myer, VA! I am now retired and living in Land O Lakes, FL

Pictures presented on this page are directly from the places I have been as an Army Chaplain. The trip to Cuba in September 1994, was when I was assigned at Fort Knox. I was sent there to join about 35 other Chaplains from all the branches of the military to minister to the Cubans and Haitians who had been detained for their own protection while trying to get to the United States.

(Ft. Myer Pic, 2006)

(Ft. Rucker Mug Shot)

A Few Pics of This Chaplain's Life

and links to the places where I've been assigned.

Fort Hood Home Page
(May 1988-July 1990)

Pictures at Fort Hood

Pictures at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

Schofield Barracks Hawaii (25th Infantry Division, Light

Pictures in Korea
(Feb-Mar 1993)

Fort Knox Home Page
(Jan 1994-Dec 1996)

Me at Fort Knox

U.S. Gold Depository

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
(Aug-Oct 1994)

Chapel Tent

Air Force Four Wheeler

My Group at CAS3 Army Service School
(Mar-May 1996)

CAS3 Group
(After Volleyball)

Selfridge Air National Guard Base (127th Wing

U.S. Army Garrison-Selfridge
(Jan 1997- Jan 1999)

Selfridge Base Chapel Photo

Chapel Interior Photo

Chapel Interior Photo #2

Fort Rucker
(Feb 1999 - Oct 2001)

Fort Rucker Main Post Chapel

I'm Inside This Blackhawk

I took this shot from inside the Blackhawk

An Article after 911

8th U.S. Army Web Page
(Nov 1, 2001 - Aug 10, 2003)

U.S. Forces Korea Web Page

Ft. Monroe, VA Home Page

Installation Management Agency, Northeast Region
(August 2003 - 14 Dec 2005)


Ft. Myer, VA
(30 Dec 2005 - 13 Jul 2010)

Ft. Living Room, Land O Lakes, FL
(14 Jul 2010 - Present)


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