Let's face it, its not everyday that you get to sign the guestbook at the White House Homepage............

  Nella Hobson - 09/10/97 17:11:41
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State: SC

Enjoyed your HomePage! CH Greg Hill sent me the URL. Consider linking to the Chaplain School HomePage. Nella Hobson, PAO, Chaplain School

Me - 09/10/97 00:01:35
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Kathryn - 09/08/97 22:07:42
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What an experience!!!!. And a great amount of Education. I truly enjoyed traveling through your White House.

Izabelle - 09/05/97 15:26:16
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Great homepage. I liked the background... =) Great variety and realy organized. CONGRATS! Izabelle

Longrider - 08/24/97 15:26:35 GMT
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Thanks for dropping by my page. Great job yu've done on yours. Aren't these computers addicting.

Robin - 08/23/97 02:58:19 GMT
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Nice page you have here. I like the name you chose for your page..Good idea. come visit me sometime..

stanley - 08/21/97 03:19:55 GMT
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What a great page you have! I really enjoy to visit your homepage. Please visite my page and sign my guessbook too. hahaha... : )

Gidget - 08/21/97 01:39:26 GMT
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Hi there, Thanks for visiting me and for signing my guestbook and the nice comments. I am glad you stopped in. Your page is terrific and the pics of you and Lisa are wonderful. You have a great family. My Dad was in the army at one time, I think my Mom met him then so he has a great fondness for the military especially the Army!!! You have some great links and I have bookmarked some of them for future use. Also, the daily devotional page was wonderful and it touched my heart. I will visit again . Keep up the good work. And, *smiles* Remember to live each day with thankfulness and passion because we do not know what tomorrow holds for us . May God Bless you and yours.

patty - 08/21/97 00:38:38 GMT
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Barry White? Don't you sing can't get enough of your love baby? Well anyway, I like your page. please visit mine.

Pep - 08/20/97 15:59:43 GMT
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nice page will come back to visit some more on my way to your son's page Please visit mine thanks Pep

Pamela - 08/13/97 02:25:39 GMT
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It's looking great! Wonderful idea. I will definately keep coming back to check out what you are doing!

Christina Mick and Judith Grace - 08/12/97 21:12:04 GMT
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State: New Hampshire

Mr. White, Hi, I'm a good friend of Matt's and I was just seeing his homepage when your page caught my mother's and my attention. Both of us enjoyed reading through your page and other links, being Christians, as well. Many good points were made in your page. Grea job! Christina Mick & Judith Grace

Chozen - 08/10/97 22:42:04 GMT
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Hi! Thank you for visiting my page and emailing me so i could return the favor. very nice page and family pics!!! God Bless you for meeting the needs of our servicemen. i was only in the marines for 6 months but I know they sure need God! God Bless and ke p up the good work......chozen

Rachel Forst - 08/05/97 22:47:33 GMT
My Email:rmforst@primarynet.com
State: MO

Wow! Loved seeing the pictures of you, Lisa, Matt and Mark. Can't believe how much Matt looks like you. Didn't know a picture of my Mom was on the net until I visited your page.

Lennie Upshaw - 07/27/97 16:28:17 GMT
My Email:lennieu@aol.com
State: GA (home) NC (current station)

Hey Barry; As always, I enjoyed your weekly devotional. I also enjoyed viewing your guest book. you have some interesting visitors to your site! Take care, Lennie

Kimberly Weld - 07/23/97 03:42:46 GMT
State: Georgia

Hi Uncle Barry just dropping by to see your home page which I have not seen yet it is very impressive talk to you soon 7/22/97

Rush Limbaugh - 06/21/97 13:48:11 GMT
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Barry, I can't believe that "Slick Willy" visited your homepage, but he won't call in to my talk show. You have a great page, but you may not want to associate yourself with the "white house." Rush

Bill Clinton - 06/21/97 13:40:36 GMT
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State: Washington, D C.

Barry, I love your takeoff on the "white house." Keep up the great job. Bill

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